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We come to you to replace flat car battery

If your car battery’s failed, Mobile Auto Mechanics – Battery Assist Division will get you going again.

Emergency car battery replacement in London

Stay safe and let us come to you. If your car battery needs replacing, our mobile battery supply and fitting service can assist you anywhere in London, Surrey and around M25.

You can schedule a car battery replacement at home, work, or when you are on the go – we can generally replace most batteries within the same day.

During your visit, we will test the health of your battery and if it needs to be replaced,.

We will replace it with a battery from a leading brand like Bosch or Yuasa that includes a 5-year warranty.

As part of our service, we will dispose of your dead battery in an environmentally friendly manner. Request a quote and make an appointment today.

What are the benefits of choosing a battery replacement service?
Car batteries aren’t always easy to purchase and replace. To select the correct vehicle battery, you should consult your manual. As a result of this, most modern automobile manufacturers require the battery to be coded to their system in order to be installed.

When you hire a professional, you eliminate all the hassles. You may break down at home in your driveway, or on the side of the road, and our mobile mechanics will come to you. Online, you can schedule a time and place that is convenient for you.

Our mechanics have batteries for most popular manufacturers, including Ford, Vauxhall, and BMW, in their vans. You don’t have to worry about installation. In addition, we offer a 5-year warranty on most of our batteries, which enables you to contact us if you have any problems in the future.

What is the best type of battery for my automobile?
For finding the right battery for your vehicle, you can leave it to us. We are able to quickly and easily find options for your replacement car battery. Your vehicle may be fitted with a variety of batteries. To assist you with your selection, we will describe the differences in performance and output.

What is its cost?
The battery replacement quote is based on the following factors:

Your vehicle’s battery replacement cost in addition to
Labor costs associated with installing the new battery and removing the old battery.
We charge different prices for fitting a new battery and disposing of the old one.

Car Battery Guarantee

When purchasing a new car battery fitting service, motorists have peace of mind with Car Battery Guarantee. We provide a 3, 4 and 5 year warranty for all batteries fitted by us as well as the more common three year warranty for all other batteries.

Our car battery fitting service helps keep you mobile and minimises the inconvenience caused by flat or dead batteries, replacing your dead or faulty battery at a time and location of your choice, minimising disruption to your schedule and plans.

The terms of the guarantee.

You should be aware that battery replacement guarantees do not cover the following. Damage caused by accident. Mechanical or electrical failures of your vehicle. Battery failure when your vehicle travels less than 2,000 miles annually. A replacement car battery will be covered by the remainder of the original manufacturer’s warranty. To obtain a new car battery, contact us.

Car Battery Replacement Service
Could you please explain what car batteries are and how they operate?
A car battery is a device that stores energy and converts that energy into electricity through a chemical reaction inside the battery. A vehicle’s starter motor, ignition system, and fuel system are powered by stored electrical energy at the outset. As soon as the engine of a vehicle is started, the alternator supplies the power needed for all mechanical and electrical systems within the vehicle and charges the battery to replace the energy used during starting.

As well as the standard 12 volt battery used to start the engine of an electric car, most electric vehicles have traction batteries as well. A traction battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy as well, however it operates at a higher voltage and is usually monitored by a PCM (Powertrain Control Module).

When Should I Replace My Car Battery?
It won’t start. New batteries are designed to deliver a certain level of power. The number of cranking amps is referred to as the capacity of the battery. During the aging process, a battery’s actual amp output decreases. Once the cranking amps fall below a critical threshold, it becomes difficult or impossible to start the car.
There is a problem with the battery or the charging system if the warning light illuminates. A mechanic should perform several simple tests to determine whether the battery is in need of replacement when the battery warning light illuminates.
There is a problem with the electrical system. A failing battery will result in a drop in the voltage produced by the battery, which may cause certain electrical components, such as the security system, to malfunction. If you are experiencing electrical troubles, you should have your battery tested.
How do mechanics replace the battery?
In order to avoid losing radio presets or stored data in the PCM while the battery is out, a temporary power source could be installed. However, this step is not necessary when the battery is already completely dead.
After removing the negative cable from the battery, the positive cable should be removed as well. Loosen the battery tie-downs and remove the old battery.
Make sure the cable ends and wiring are clean and free of corrosion. The corrosion can sometimes be severe and the cable may need to be replaced or the wiring may require repair.
In addition, the new battery was installed and the tie down system was reinstalled. Battery terminals were treated with an anticorrosion compound. Positive and negative connections were made.
Depending on the model of the vehicle, some PCM programming may be necessary to input battery parameter settings, such as some BMW, VW, and Audi models. In order to maximize the battery’s lifespan and prevent issues with the electrical system, this activity is performed using a specialized scan tool.
In order to verify that a new battery will properly recharge, the car is started and the charging system output is measured and compared with the factory OEM specifications. In general, charging output will range from 13.8 to 14.8 volts, but the specific specifications will vary depending on the product.
Would you advise me not to drive if I have a battery malfunction?
However, if you have a weak battery you may be left stranded if it fails completely and you will not be able to start your vehicle. A defective battery could also cause the alternator to overwork and negatively affect the operation of the vehicle’s electrical system, including the vehicle security system and the shift interlock.

When replacing the battery, it is important to remember the following:
it is important that the electrical connections to the battery posts are of high quality. Connections must be clean, free of corrosion and properly tightened.
In addition to storing a lot of energy, batteries can create intense discharges which can damage your eyesight if short-circuited. It is recommended that cables be attached to battery terminals using insulated tools. Other options include shorting either the positive cable of the battery to ground or directly shorting the positive and negative posts. It is recommended that batteries be installed from a positive terminal to positive wiring and from a negative terminal to body ground. It is probable that the vehicle’s electrical system will be damaged if the polarity is reversed.
The service life of a car battery is usually between four and seven years. Whenever a battery’s capacity to provide power declines significantly after undergoing a load test, it is advisable to replace the battery rather than waiting for the old battery to completely fail.
Disconnecting the batteries should be done only when the engine is off and the alternator is not operating. While the alternator is operating, disconnecting the car battery can lead to a voltage spike that may damage the vehicle’s sensitive electronic components, such as the PCM.
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Car Won’t Start?

Top 3 signs that it may be a battery issue:

  • Your vehicle lights do not turn on
  • There is no sound when trying to start the vehicle
  • The battery is over 5 years old

Mobile Battery Replacement at Home or Office

You will normally receive a few warning signs time to time, right before your car battery dies. However, it’s also possible your battery may fail unexpectedly. No matter what happens and no matter where your are in London we are here to sort out this issues on the spot.

What is a Battery Replacement Service?2021-10-27T14:08:09+00:00

Our mobile battery replacement service can allow you to have your vehicle back up and running with minimal downtime. When you call for service a professional mechanic will come to your location to swap the dead battery for a new one. It’s like taking your vehicle to the shop without going to the shop.

How is a Battery Replacement Done?2021-10-27T14:09:05+00:00

A mechanic will test the viability of your current battery. There’s a possibility your lack of power has nothing to do with a dead battery. Other malfunctions can cause the same problems. The mechanic will run a diagnostic to figure out the root cause. If a replacement battery is necessary, the mechanic will replace it with a new, warrantied battery.

Symptoms that indicate you need a Battery Replacement2021-10-27T14:10:20+00:00

It’s better to replace the battery before it dies, rather than waiting until your car is disabled. Signs your battery is failing can include any or all the following:

Battery/alternator warning light is on or blinking
Engine cranks very slowly, or won’t crank (turn over) at all
Electrical issues, such as the interior lights or radio malfunctioning or working only sporadically
You need a jump more often than not
Lights won’t turn on
Battery case looks swollen
Even without any signs, it’s still possible to drain a battery overnight by leaving your lights on or leaving something plugged into the power outlet.

Can I do it myself?2021-10-27T14:10:05+00:00

You can cut some of the cost by shopping around for a battery and swapping it out yourself. But if you’re busy, or you need the battery replaced immediately, it can make more sense to utilize a mobile battery replacement service.

Keep in mind, though, a dead battery may only be part of a bigger issue. The appropriate tests should be run to make sure there aren’t any other, less obvious complications. This will save you the hassle of replacing the battery only to find out later that it wasn’t the real cause of the problem.

Can I drive without doing a battery replacement?2021-10-27T14:10:52+00:00

You can keep driving with a dying battery, but you shouldn’t. With cars relying more than ever on electrical components, it’s important to have a fully viable battery at all times. If an important electrical component fails while you’re driving, it greatly increases the likelihood of an accident.

If you absolutely must drive, then do so during daylight hours, on low-traffic roads, and only if you’re heading to an auto repair shop. Otherwise, contact us and we will bring the battery straight to your location.